2019 Mid-Year Favorite Hair Care Products

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After years and years of trying to figure out what products work best on my type 4c hair, I have finally found a line up that continues to work week after week, and leaves my hair feeling super moisturized and soft. Most products I’ve used in the past work, however after one day, it always felt like my hair was dry, like I never did anything to it in the first place. Luckily, the products I will be mentioning in this post have become some of my favorite hair care products by transforming how I manage my hair. 

Before I dive into the favorites, I want to do an honorable mention to my detangler and deep conditioner. The detangler I normally use is just whatever rinse out conditioner I seem to have on hand. I constantly switch it up. Recently, howeverI have been using the Truffle conditioner by NuMe because I used it once before and really liked it, also at the end of last year, NuMe had a great deal on their larger bottle. My deep conditioner is a DIY with a base of the Trader Joe’s Tea Tree Conditioner. Alone I don’t feel it gives my hair enough slip, but mixed with other ingredients,it gets the job done.

Moving onto what you really want to know: my favorite products and what I would highly recommend for you give a try if you are still on the lookout for some products.


FAVORITE SHAMPOO: Adwoa Beauty Baomint Moisturizing Shampoo ($15.99)


While I don’t shampoo my hair often, maybe once every six to eight weeks, I find myself reordering this one from Adwoa Beauty when my supply runs low. I use to follow Naptural85’s DIY Black Soap Shampoo recipe (and enjoyed it) but when I started back doing hot oil treatments before shampooing, I found that it wasn’t strong enough to remove the build up from my scalp. The Baomint Moisturizing Shampoo not only removes the build up but doesn’t leave my hair feeling stripped.


 FAVORITE DEEP CONDITIONER (ADD-ON) Belle Bar Organic Chebe Powder Growth Hair Mask ($39) 


While currently unavailable for order (Belle Bar Organic is restructuring their site and brand). I have no doubt that this fan favorite will return once they open back up shop. Given to me in exchange for my honest feedback, I add a scoop of this powder into my deep conditioner mix everytime I wash my hair. Made from 100% natural ingredients, Chebe powder is a powerhouse of benefits including strengthening the hair follicles, preventing breakage, helps balance pH, adds shine, and helps detangle just to name a few. Ever since I started incorporating this powder into my routine, I have noticed less breakage and a decrease in how much my hair sheds.

You can watch my review here


FAVORITE LEAVE-IN CONDITIONER: Adwoa Beauty Baomint Leave-in Conditioning Styler ($15.99) 


Hands down the best leave in conditioner I have ever used. A little goes a long way and if skip this product, I can always tell.This product glides through my hair aiding in detangling, helps hydrate strands, and is fast absorbing. A perfect step to adding moisturize back in my hair after a wash day or a mid-week refresh.

You can watch my full review here.


FAVORITE HAIR STYLER: Melanin Haircare Twist-Elongating Style Cream ($16.99)


Naputal85’s brain child and OMG she is amazing. Made to be a sister product to her DIY hair butter, this cream has made it so my hair does not dry out the very next day. I’ve tested it out in kinky twist (insert video link) and when my hair was out (insert video link) and continue to be impressed with my hair’s moisture level every time it’s time for me to refresh my styles. Just like the leave in above, a little goes a long way. I just opened my second jar and I received my order at the very end of January. 


FAVORITE HAIR OIL: Melanin Haircare Mult-Use Pure Oil Blend ($17.99)


Anytime I can find an oil that I can use on my entire body, has no fillers, and is made from a variety of high quality oils, AND is affordable you know I am 100% for it. Not only is this oil a perfect companion to the Twist-Elongating Style Cream, it is also great on its own to soften, nourish, and seal in moisture on your scalp and the rest of your body. I love adding a few drops into my deep conditioner as well. 


FAVORITE HAIR SPRAY: Renpure Tea Tree Lemon Sage 5 in 1 Treatment Mist ($7.99)


A treatment mist that detangles, moisturizes, protects, strengthens, and invigorates the scalp is a perfect mid-week refresher. Anytime my scalp is feeling itchy, I spray through my hair and give myself a light scalp massage. This is a new addition to my hair care routine but I’m finding that it’s just as effective as the Balance Guru Scalp treatment I use to use. While I still like that one, the Renpure one is cheaper and I can buy it locally. Being able to purchase my products locally is a huge win. 


FAVORITE MISCELLANEOUS: Gemini Naturals Temp Hair Color ($15 – $22.50)


I was lucky enough to work with this brand as one of their 2019 Spring Ambassadors. I had used Gemini Naturals briefly last fall and enjoyed the freedom I had to “dye” my hair without risk of damage or any real commitment. A vegan color that adds moisture and comes out after one wash.  I actually have several videos using different colors on different hairstyles which I will include links to below. 

I may wash my hair once every 6-8 weeks, but I remoisturize 1-2 times a week as needed. Since I consistently use the products above, I’m finding that I can go a full week before I need to remoisturize. Even when I wait a week, my hair still feels so soft and manageable. Mind you my hair is in two strand twist and not currently fighting the elements, but even when my hair was out, I only had to redo my hair twice a week. The battle was long, but I finally found my champions. 

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