My Gemini Naturals Color Gel Collection (w/ Demos)

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You can use the code ‘Noria15”  for 15% off any purchase from Gemini Naturals. Exp. May 31st

This year marked 6 years since I fully embraced my hair in its natural state, and will be 7 years since I first made the decision to transition off a relaxer. The road has been paved with many roadblocks, frustrations, mild appreciation, fascination, and acceptance. During the years, I have found mainly what doesn’t work, but a few successes have been present as well. I mention all this to say that while I love nothing more than to further experience with my hair with regard to changing up the color, I know I’ll be faced with a couple of issues. For starters, I have commitment issues. Like seriously, I can’t handle a permanent change to my hair without wanting to change the look or color within a few weeks. Secondly, I’ve finally gotten my hair to a point where she is healthy and growing. And finally, nine times out of ten my hair is in kinky twist extension, so what is the point of dyeing my hair if I wouldn’t even see the change? Enter Gemini Naturals.

Formerly called PopCurlColor, Gemini Naturals sells vegan temporary hair color gels (among other hair products) that gives naturals like me an outlet to express and play with different hair colors without the commitment or damage associated with permanently dyeing your hair.

Before the name change, I used the color Midnight and a limited edition color called Jaded Glow. Since the rebrand (and becoming an ambassador for the spring season) I am now the owner of a few more colors and the leave-in.

Last month, I released my first video showing Bronze Beauty on dark hair and did a mild application of Silver Fox. Both can be found below.









This month, I decided to create an ombre look using the newest color Sunset and combining it with Blush. Needless to say, I was totally in love with the results.




(You can check out the full demo of this color here.)





While I have used Purple Rain and Jaded Glow already, I didn’t record what they looked like. In May, I will be receiving a few more colors and my goal is to release at least two more videos. One showcasing either one or two more colors like I have done previously, and the last one is to use every color I own on my whole head at once just so you all can see what exactly they look like on my hair color. My Instagram followers and youtube channel subscribers would be the first to know, so be sure to follow me on those platforms to be alerted as soon as those videos are released.

If you liked any of the colors and what to try Gemini Naturals for yourself, you can use the code ‘Noria15’ for 15% off your total purchase.


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