Territory Meal Prep Service Review – (offer inside)

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As I become more focused on work, teaching more classes, and dealing with everyday life, I find it much more convenient to just grab food while I’m out. The problem starts when those foods are focused more on pure convenience and less on nutrition. For the last couple of months, I found myself eating a lot of Chick-fil-a or any other convenient place. Don’t get me wrong, I love me some Chick-fil-a, but it is not meant to be eaten multiple times a week. So when a fitness friend put me onto Territory, I began to wonder why I never looked up a meal prep services before. I’ve heard about them before but never gave them much thought because I always pictured them being too expensive. However, with so many brands, options, and subscriptions available, there is a little something for every budget.

Set Up

So with an introductory offer, I decided to try them out. When creating a new subscription, you pick your general area and if you are ordering for yourself or someone else.

You then get to choose between 2 meal options:

BOOST- Approx. 250-450 cals   $10.00 / meal


STANDARD- Approx. 400-650 cals  $13.00 / meal

Then you pick what days you would like food delivered: early week, end of the week, or all week. From there you can pick which meals your want: breakfast, lunch, or dinner. You also have the option of having your food delivered to you for a small fee or you can opt to pick up your meals yourself at one of there partner site.

After that, you get a sample menu of what you will be receiving. Once you pay and your account is made, you will have the options customize your meals up until the Thursday leading up to the delivery date.

What I Did

This was my first food subscription service so I decided to start small and simple. I chose to do the end of the week plan dinner option, so Thursday and Friday dinners standard size totaling to $26. (Had a coupon code so I really only paid $1 for my first week). I switched out my meals to ones I really wanted to try and waited for my confirmation on delivery to my pick up site the following Thursday.

I picked my food up form a local gym in my downtown area. The boxes were stored in a designated fridge decked out with the Territory logo. It looks like they rely on the honor system (at least at my location). I walked in, said hello to the person about to run a class  and was directed to the fridge. I went in, found the box with my name, and left. Please note that the boxes aren’t insulated if you are picking them up yourself.


Overall Review (Positive)

Since this was a new experience, I also decided to try meals I normally don’t eat or haven’t tried. I’m not really a red meal eater so I went with the Beef Skewers w/ Quinoa & Vegetables. Also I never had Moo Shu Chicken before so that was pick number two. Both meals were labeled and included all the nutrition facts (which you can also see online when you pick your plates), and they both came with their own set of heating instructions.

Overall, I was very pleased. The food tasted pretty good, everything was well seasoned but not overall so (if that makes sense). I’m a small eater so I was actually able to get two meals out of one container. Out of the two, the beef one was actually my favorite. The seasoning of the beef was just perfect and it tied everything together. The Moo Shu chicken wasn’t bad, it just wasn’t a wow for me. This upcoming week I will be trying the Chicken Cacciatore and the Cilantro Lime Fish Tacos w/ Plantain Tortillas.

For a limited time (I honestly don’t when it ends). Territory is offering new referrals $25 off their first two week. You can sign up with the link here to get the offer. If you decide to give it a try, I’d love to know what you ordered and how you liked the service and comment any other services you would recommend to others.

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