February Recap

So, the plan was to have this post up by the first Wednesday of March, but here I am, roughly 10 days in finally with my recap of the of February. Is it bad that I have to actually look back through my calendars (yes, plural) to remember what happened last month? Not because I just had so many things going on, but for the sole reason that I honestly can’t remember what I do by the end of any given week. With my planner by my side, let’s see if I can recap February (more for me to feel like I accomplished something this past month).

The Day I Met Some Incredible Fitness Bosses



February 9th was the first official meetup of the Dallas Fitness Ambassadors. It was chance not only to meet the founder and fellow members, but also to gain insight on what our year was going to look like, learn how to step up our Instagram stories game, and walk away with serious fitness & business inspiration. Plus some AMAZING swag #Ilovefreeish.



My biggest takeaway from that meeting was “Holy crap, get your ish together!!” There were so many bosses killing the fitness game in both their personal journeys and in the lives of those in their communities as well. I seriously wished I live closer to Downtown Dallas.


The Day I Fell Back In Love…With Boba



One of my friends was invited to a social media day at Tastea to help promote their upcoming grand opening. She was allowed to bring two extra people and asked if I wanted to come along. Who turns down free food? (Not me.) While the prospects of free food already had me sold, I was also looking at the event as a way to practice my vlogging skills and work on my Instagram story using some of the tips I recently learned from the Dallas Fitness Ambassador meetup. I walked away with okayish material for a vlog piece (that won’t see the light of day), received plenty of engagement from my instagram stories, and fell in love with Matcha Milk Tea w/ Honey Boba.


Matcha Milk Tea has always been a favorite of mine, but finding a place that did it justice was hard. Now I have a place only a 15 minute drive from my house so thank you Tastea

The Day I Became a Brand Ambassador


If you follow me on YouTube, you know that a while back I did a video about the brand PopCurlColor (now renamed to Gemini Naturals), showing how I used temporary vegan hair color while protective styling.



A few months later after the company rebranded, they put out an application to become the first set of brand ambassadors and your girl was one of the lucky few. I got the email around the end of February explaining my role for the duration of the next 3 months. I am super excited to be working with Gemini Natural, so be on the lookout for a more indepth post on them in the near future.


Above is the color Silver Storm. You can find it and many other colors on the Gemini Naturals website. 


The Time I Made a Couple Videos..ICYMI


February went by way too quickly but writing this allows me to reflect on everything that happened. And gets me excited for all that March will bring!


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