Livia: The Period Pain OFF Switch (Does it Work?)

How many of wonderful ladies suffer from menstrual cramps? And how many of you suffer through cramps that cause you to put your life on hold? I fall into that category. During the first few days of my period, I am completely useless. So when I heard about Livia, a device said to relieve painful cramps naturally, I had to get one.


What’s Inside the Livia Kit?



Inside the Livia Kit:*
(1) Livia Device
(1) Classic Cover (in color of your choice)
(1) USB Charging cable (not shown above)
(1) Travel Case
(1) Flower Pads
(3) Months Supply of Gel Pads

*description taken directly from the Livia website (

Livia was first introduced to me through a sponsored ad on Facebook when it was still in its crowdfunding stage early 2016. At that time, the asking price was roughly $100 for one device. I backed the campaign with the purchase of their sister pack, ~$189, which included two device kits and an extra skin for each kit. My sister had begun showing signs of having severe cramps as well so just one device was not an option.

$200 was a lot to back a device that was just a concept, but that just shows how desperate I was for some kind of relief. As I go further into my healthy lifestyle journey, one of my main concerns is moving away from having to take medication. During my average period, I take painkillers every 4 hours the clockwork, which means roughly 24 pills are consumed in the course of four days. That was unacceptable. Investing $200 in a product that would benefit me (and my sister) in the long run was no brainer.

Overall, I am EXTREMELY happy with the results I get from using this device. Gone are the days where I cry in the fetal position, wishing I were a guy just so the pain would stop. I’m able to function during the worse days of my cycle and I’m down to only taking painkillers right before I go to bed or when I need to teach a group fitness class. I know it is a little pricey (currently$149), but I would recommend Livia to anyone who suffers from mild to severe cramps and are looking for a natural option to relieve their pain.

You can check out all the details and my complete thoughts in the video below.


It is now available on Amazon was well, check it our here.


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