March Recap

April is here and to start with, “What the What?!” How is it already April? As busy as I want to say March was, aside from my normal classes and a few client trainings throughout the month, March was pretty dry and a little disappointing. Recapping what did (and what was supposed to) happen in March is seriously giving me mixed emotions

The Day I Hit 1000 Subscribers

March 6 was the day I officially hit 1000 subscribers in YouTube!! March 14 was the day I was officially approved as a YouTube partner. I was partner last year before YouTube changed the requirements for the program, so I challenged myself to gain it back within a year. I was about 2 weeks late but I did it!!! Do I make much from it? HECK NO but I did accomplish something I really didn’t think I would get.

While I am on the topic, I feel it is the right time for a shameless plug. It you like the randomness of skincare & hair care reviews, product testing, and fitness tips and tricks, you should subscribe to my YouTube channel Randomlynoria.



The Time I Had Mad FOMO

Last month I announced that I became a member of the Dallas Fitness Ambassadors, a group of fitness influencers who spread the joy of fitness while partnering with some amazing local brands to more effectively bring awareness to our audiences.

In the month of March, there were two events we could choose to attend. Since they were relative in natural and held during the same week, I opted to attend the weekend long event and forgo the first so that space would be available for my fellow ambassadors. Well, the weekend long event was cancelled and the deadline to sign up for the first had passed. I sat in envy at home watching all the Instagram stories of my fellow ambassadors have a bomb ass night foam rolling, followed by a trip to the spa, and topped off with some amazing food and goodie bags. I don’t think I have ever experienced such a case of fomo in my life…

Lesson learned, if any or all events interest me, I’m signing up for then because you never know when something may get cancelled.



The Time I Took Better Care of My Hair

If by any chance some of you reading also are subscribed to my YouTube channel Randomlynoria, then you would know that it is a very rare sight to see me wear my natural hair out. While I haven’t been wearing a twist-out or a fro everyday, my hair has been free of extensions in hope of improving the overall health of my hair. While I love my mini kinky twist style, I find that I am more likely to neglect to deep condition and moisturize my hair on a regular bases. I have been consistently moisturizing my hair at least twice a week, washing it every three weeks, and overall just listening to what it wants. Using Naptual85’s new product line has done wonders to my hair. I recently put medium size twist (extensions) in my hair because I miss the length but my intention is still the same. I will still be moisturizing my hair twice a week and washing it every three.




The Time I Gave Myself Permission to Relax

My biggest struggle to date is always feeling like I need to earn my breaks and downtime. I am currently sitting on TWO gift cards for a massage that were given to me three or more years ago.

Sad I know. (I promise, I’ll go soon.)

Last month I decided to revisit one of my favorite Xbox games, Assassin Creed. I had the urge to pick the series back up, so that I could bring myself back to how I felt during that time in my life. A time when  I could enjoy a game without worrying about whether I finished enough work to earn the relaxation time. If you were to look at my calendars, yes with an s, you would see that I do a lot just within one week, but my brain doesn’t think so. Every time I try to have leisure time, I feel lazy and unproductive. Allowing your mind and body to engage in mindless, enjoyable activities is productive in itself because it allows you to escape from the problems and worries at hand.  While I know and am a believer of that message, it is still hard for me to actually put it into practice.

Without judgement or talking down on myself for the “break”, I played my game a few times during March for several hours. I allowed myself to just enjoy the game and think of nothing else for the allotted time. Do you know what happened? I found myself less stressed during the week, I was more productive each day because I knew I had game time set for later in the week were I could forget about everything.


Overall, March was a month of learning lessons and dealing with some personal growth issues. Just a friendly reminder to you (and myself) that rest days are needed and they are just as productive as work days.

If you want to read up on the previous months adventures, check out my February Recap post.

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