My Visit to Meccha Matcha

Oh for the love of matcha!!! If you are a matcha lover in or near Plano, Texas, you need to find your way to Meccha Matcha! I was invited by Jess (@Jess_likethat_) last month and OMG, they have only been open for a year (as of June 16), but I could have experienced the drinks and ice cream so much sooner.



I tried one of their iced drinks, however my main focus was the ice cream. Meccha Matcha’s ice cream comes in three levels (plus some seasonal ones but I didn’t get to try those). Level 1 is made with 25% matcha and I’ll equate it to what you might find in your local asian market and is a perfect start for anyone who is new to matcha. Level 2 contains 30% of matcha and would be well suited for the average matcha lover. Level 3 contains 55% matcha and perfect for the seasoned matcha lover. All that being said, a novice to matcha could enjoy the intensity of all three levels. Matcha was a new experience for Jess and she noted that Levels 1 & 2 where her favorite, but that level 3 was enjoyable as well.



I went back and forth between levels 2 & 3, I just couldn’t decide which I loved more, they were both so good. Word of advice: limit yourself. Because I LOVE all things matcha ice cream and was given a bowl that contained three scoops of matcha ice cream (a very generous sample of each level), I had no control and pretty much ate the entire bowl. I was  barely halfway done when my energy level spiked. (I regret nothing!!!)



Matcha has several wonderful health benefits as well and you should consider including it in your diet. It is a natural source of caffeine, is high in antioxidants, helps to boost mood, and stimulate your metabolism just to name a few of the positives. I recently started making matcha lemonades at home to control my sugar intake, and I love how quickly the matcha works and the lack of crash once it wears off hours later. I still haven’t figured out my perfect matcha latte recipe but Meccha Matcha is helping to bridge that gap for the time being.

If you decide to give Meccha Matcha a try, let me know what you think and what you ordered. I need my next item to try. 

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