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Seed Daily Synbiotic (Probiotic & Prebiotic)

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Thank you Seed for reawakening my inner Nerd. As a chemistry major who moved on to the fitness world, I don’t get to drive into that nerdy side very often (at least on a microscopic level anymore). By taking the steps to become a Seed University graduate, I got to re-embrace that part of me. 

What or Who is Seed?

Short answer: Seed sells Daily Synbiotic (or Pre + Probiotic) supplements for women and men in a way that is transparent and environmentally friendly. 

What do I mean by transparent? The Seed website explains exactly what strains are used, how those strains are used, and overall why each strain is chosen.. Like many, I used to take probiotics that list a bunch of strains thinking I must be getting exactly what I needed. It wasn’t until looking over Seed’s website that I realize how much more there is to it. So when it said they had a “University” I knew wanted to learn more.

About Their University

All the lessons are online on Instagram. Once you go through all the lessons and pass the exam you take the pledge to not only share what you;ve learned but to be accountable while you do it. Even outside of just their product, they want everyone to be transparent. 

Other Scientific Reasons I’m Giving Seed a Shot

It is both a pre + pro biotic. For the longest time I’ve wanted to start taking a prebiotic but I struggled to find one that I wanted or one that was convenience yet straight forward. Now I have both (and actually know what everything is from).

Seed Daily Synbiotic delivers a range of clinically-verified systemic benefits beyond digestive health such as:

  • Gastrointestinal Function
  • Gut Barrier Integrity 
  • Cardiovascular Health
  • Inflammation +Immune Function
  • Metabolism + Energy Production
  • Anti-Oxidative Stress 
  • Dermatological Health
  • Folate Productions

Now full disclosure: 1.) This was sent as my “graduation gift.  2.) As of the release of this blog post, I have not started taking the female blend yet. I have half a month left of my current probiotic that I want to finish first, I will be posting an update later down the road.

About Seed’s Packaging

I mentioned how they were environmentally friendly. The welcome kit comes with a reusable glass jar and a mini glass travel vial. The tray they are sent in is made of mushrooms and other recyclable material.

After the first month, you will be sent a refill packet with packaging that is dissolvable in water. As mentioned above, I will keep you all updated on my progress with taking Seed. If you’d like to know more or even want to try Seed out for yourself before that, you can do so here.

If you’d prefer to see instead of read, here is the unboxing video associated with this post.

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