What is Your Why?

Have you already started your fitness journey or are at least are considering it? I have a question for you. What is your why? What’s going to motivate you to push through when you don’t want to do another set, or start that run?

Aside from vanity reason (because really, we all have those), I want to be strong and healthy so I’m able enjoy my life and all the adventures to come. I want days were I get out of bed full of energy, have clear skin, a positive outlook on life, and have my body function they way its suppose.

I currently suffer from restless nights, acne flare-ups, and serious period discomfort. Some days are better than other. However, I have noticed when and why some of my days are worser than others. It is during those times I’ve become inconsistent with my workout schedule. Miss one, maybe I feel a sense that something is missing in my day. If I miss two or more, the results are almost immediate. I begin to break out, I have trouble sleeping, I can begin to feel under the weather, or I start going back into my self-loathing moods.

Breaks out? I can somewhat deal with. Lack of sleep? I’ve survived days on 2-3 hours before. Feeling sick? I have natural remedies or cold medicine for that. Reverting back to my depressing mind set? Now that is where I draw the line.

I know how great I can feel on a day to day basis, why would I ever want to go back to how I started almost 8 years ago. (If you have no idea what I’m talking about you can read my history post here).

My why is because I never want to go back to how I mentally felt years ago. That definitely gives me the push I need to get through the days I just don’t feel like it or if I fall off the wagon.

If you really want your efforts towards your fitness journey or healthy lifestyle to stick, you have to really sit down and ask yourself what is going to keep you motivated. What is your why?


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