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If I told you there was a way to experience less pain and inflammation, reduce fat and cardio metabolic risk factors, increase your recovery rate after injuries and workouts, get better sleep, and reduce your stress levels or depression all without medication,would you be interested in learning how? Thanks to XscapePain, I was able to experience some the previous claims first hand. 

XscapePain is a facility in Frisco that offers photobiomodulation therapy, which is the best technical term for Low Level Laser Therapy. Basically, it is a light therapy treatment that uses lasers or LEDs to improve tissue repair, reduce pain and inflammation whenever the beam is applied. It has been used for years on sports injuries, arthritic joints, neuropathic pain syndromes, and more. (source: xscapepain.com) Tested in over 4000 lab studies, photobiomodulation therapy is a way to get rid of pain and actually help patients instead of just treating the symptoms like drugs would. 

This light therapy service is offered at XscapePain one of two ways; by the NovoTHOR whole body light therapy device or by a handheld light probe system that can deliver treatment in a more concentrated matter. 


NovoTHOR Light Bed


The NovoTHOR treatment session can last anywhere from 8 -15 minutes depending on personal need and preference. It is safe, relaxing, and has no negative side effects. 


Handheld Light Probe System


This smaller device is used for a more concentrated application of light, mainly to target a specific area on the body. Can be delivered in a cluster or by finding a specific trigger point, both are labeled above. 

 My Experience at XscapePain

My first two visits consisted of 15 minutes in the light bed followed by use of the trigger point finder on my right hamstring. I’ve been nursing a tight hamstring for years, at this point I thought it was just something I would always have to live with. After the first session, I already felt a slight improvement in the range of motion in my leg. After 2 bed treatments, I was experiencing some of the best sleep I have had in years, and I wasn’t waking up at night which meant I was waking up well rested. 

The week following those first two sessions was the most productive week I have had in a very long time. I wasn’t hitting the mid day (or in my case) the early morning wall. I don’t think I complained once to my friend that I was exhausted, I just got my work done and went about my days. Loving how I was feeling that after just going twice, I bought their Light Therapy Combo pack which included 8 sessions on the light pod and 8 session with the light probe. 

I love how with every visit before I start my treatment (especially for the probe) the staff asks if what they did the previous time made any difference. If it did, we do the same thing again, and it not, they always adjust the treatment according to the protocol of my specify type of injury. 

Overall, 10/10 would definitely recommend. Even if my hamstring wasn’t improving, just the fact that I can true get a restful night’s sleep is enough for me.

If you aren’t suffering for any injuries or just want to experience the NovoThor Light Pod for yourself, I would strongly suggest doing 3x Pack Light Bed for $75. Your first visit is free and then your next three sessions come out to be $25 each. 

XscapePain is located at 311 Main Street Suite 325, Frisco, TX. You can stop by, call 972-528-7033 or visit their website. Be sure to let them know Noria sent ya *wink wink*

If you’d like a little tour and more on my experience, check out the video below. 

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